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Finding Ways You Can Share Your Skills with the World

​Forensics Programs

Forensics programs include both speech and debate. Speech is divided into 2 categories: public address and interpretation. Public address events are professional speaking events. Interpretation events involve performance aspects while speaking. Debate involves forming arguments about a topic and then presenting these arguments. Many high schools across the country offer forensics programs. 


Model United Nations

Also known as Model UN or MUN, Model United Nations is an activity that allows participants to simulate the United Nations. This activity takes place at conferences organized by high schools or colleges. High schools across the country have Model United Nations as an extracurricular activity.  


Mock Trial

Mock trial allows participants to simulate a trial. Cases presented during Mock Trial are either a civil or criminal case. These cases are fictional. High schools across the country have Mock Trial as an extracurricular activity. 



Theater is a great activity for those people that feel a little more creative. While the range of roles in theaters varies from small to big, even the smallest part in a play can help to improve confidence. Theater allows you to put yourself out there and practice speaking in front of different groups of people, even if it is only a few sentences. 

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