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Get Confident

Tips for gaining more confidence

Positive Affirmations

How They Help

Positive affirmations help you to change your mindset and help you to think about yourself more positively.  Thinking more positively about yourself helps you to gain more self-esteem, leaving you feeling more confident. 


"I am confident"

"I am strong"

"I am getting better and better everyday"

Log Your Achievements

How It Helps

By writing down your achievements, you are acknowledging what you have accomplished, which makes you feel better about yourself. Additionally, by writing achievements, you can look back at your old achievements. Seeing how far you have come boosts your confidence because it makes you realize that you have improved and how much you have achieved. 

How To Do It

Get a notebook or open a Google or Word document. Write down things that you have achieved, no matter how small the achievement. Additionally, note positive feedback that you receive from other people, such as a well done email from your boss. 

Dress To Impress

How It Helps

How you dress and how you feel are closely linked! If you dress like you are confident, not only will you feel confident, but others will perceive you as confident. 

How To Do It

When you need to speak in front of a crowd, dress in what makes you feel the most confident. Personally, I like to wear a blazer and get a blowout to boost my confidence, but wear whatever makes you the most confident in yourself. 


How It Helps

Practicing before giving a presentation helps to you to feel more confident because you become more comfortable doing it. Not only does practicing help you to become more confident, but it helps you to become more successful. 

How To Do It

Practice a speech or presentation a few times before giving it. For interviews, have a friend or family member ask you questions similar to ones that could be asked of you. Additionally, joining an organization that forces you to practice your speaking skills will go a long way in helping you gain confidence. 

Surround Yourself With Positive People

How It Helps

A lot of what we base our confidence on is how those around us perceive us. If we constantly feel judged by those around us, we feel self-conscious and we lose confidence in ourselves. Surrounding yourself people where you do not feel judged is important. Additionally, surround yourself with people who are supportive of you and want the best for you. By being around positive people, you start to think more highly of yourself. 

How To Do It

Reflect on those people that you have around you. Think about how those people make you feel about yourself. If you find that they make you feel lowly about yourself, its time to stop having that person in your life. 

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